Team Knowhow Support Agreement

Our support services can help you get the most out of your devices. > Hello, FAO SEB JAMES. TABITA – CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTI have a TV outside the warranty and I just came back from abroad and still the same problems. Under consumer law, I wouldn`t expect TV to fail, and that`s why I spoke to the Facebook team online and asked for this to be resolved. I don`t pay the £95.00 evaluation fee because I had to pay for an engineer`s report which confirmed the TV was faulty. I understand that you have to do it by all means, but the error was diagnosed as a power supply, and the TV is completely dead and only works sometimes. The certification was agreed by your colleagues on the phone in September, they told me to do it and that they have not done anything since. I had spoken today with a very rude colleague and an absolutely appalling service from Tabita Knowhow. Please help me, I also add my receipt. Next, select the duration of the support you need, and then select an appropriate payment method. If you are satisfied with your selection, click Next. The team know-how wanted me to call them at 5 hours a minute for my order, but they don`t respond.

Say your wait in a queue. cost even more. My purchase for my dryer is free shipping, so if you want to talk to me, contact the contact details. PLUS, YOU MARK THINGS YOU DIDN`T DELIVER, AND THEN TRY TO GET AN APPOINTMENT MADE. Never again This is the email address you have registered with us. If you remember registering with us but don`t remember the email address you are using, please call our team on 0344 561 1234. Similar to the same experience as other reviews of a star. Twice not delivered, which means I took a total of 8.5 hours of unpaid leave from work. I waited more than 60 minutes on one occasion and another 39 minutes before I could speak to the after-sales service. I cancelled the order and later received a call from the know-how supplies team who said they were 1 mile from my home and would deliver the product and “settle the cancellation with the office”. Thirty minutes later, they had not appeared and I called them twice at the phone number where they were calling me, but there was no answer. The purchase never happened.

TOTAL SHAMBOLIC ORGANIZATION! It`s customer service. Has received a complaint since October, which is still not sorted. Had many phone conversations with the promise of reminders that never happen. Advisors are rude and don`t seem to know what`s going on for half the time. Absolutely appalling customer service. Click the Change Password link. Enter your current password in the field displayed to confirm your identity, then enter your new password twice….