Dhs Mobility Agreement

Before obtaining an incentive to move, a staff member must sign a written agreement to enter into a certain period of employment with the Agency in the new service. The service agreement must indicate the duration, beginning and end date of the service period. the level of incentive; the method and timing of incentive payments; the conditions under which a contract is terminated by the Agency; all agency or staff obligations where a service contract is terminated (including the conditions under which the employee must repay an incentive or under which the Agency must make additional payments for partially concluded services); and all other conditions for obtaining and maintaining an incentive to move. As a “rigorous/primary” position, this position is covered by the force withdrawal system. In accordance with Public Law 100-328 and Letter 338-2 of departmental personnel management, candidates for prosecution positions may not have reached their 37th birthday before the date of transfer to a certificate of qualification for a civil position of prosecution of the Confederation. In unusual situations, a waiver may be approved by the COMMANDER of the USCG until the age of 39. A person who has exceeded the maximum age of departure but who has previously served in a covered position may be eligible for inclusion and restoration of coverage if he or she is able to perform covered law enforcement service for a total of 20 years if he or she reaches the mandatory retirement day of 57. For more information, see the OPM Retirement Handbook. The maximum age of entry may be waived for eligible applicants preferred by Veterans. (See maximum age criteria for beneficiary Veterans.) This position requires a mobility agreement.

The elected representative must sign a mobility agreement in which he indicates that he is willing to accept a redistribution to other sites defined by and on the needs of the coastguard investigation service. The mobility agreement must be signed prior to appointment and remains a condition of employment. The holder must carry firearms and maintain their control in their care and use. Therefore, the position is subject to the amendment of Lautenberg, 18 U.S.C. Section 922 (g) (9) and the elected official must confirm if he has ever been convicted of a domestic violence offense. False or fraudulent information provided by applicants is punishable by a fine or criminal jail time (Title 18, USC., Section 1001). This position requires the successful completion of a pre-employment physical activity, which certifies that you are physically and medically qualified to perform the full duties of the position. Please comply with the medical requirements of GS-1811. The results of a recent physical examination (up to one year) must be submitted before the deadline. The insufficiency of the medical record is established at the time of appointment. you are responsible for conducting complex and highly sensitive criminal investigations into matters involving violations of the Code of Service Justice (UCMJ); conduct internal investigations into allegations of misconduct by CGIS staff; conduct investigations into violations of federal laws and statutes under the maritime jurisdiction of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG); and to conduct investigations into matters referred to CGIS headquarters by the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General.

As a GC civilian, you are a valuable member of the GC team. Typical work assignments are as follows: an agency must terminate an employment contract when a staff member has an important reason (i.e. due to unacceptable performance or behaviour) is degraded or separated, receives during the period of service a lower rating than “Fully successful” or equivalent, does not reside at the new geographical site during the term of the service contract or does not meet the conditions of the service contract. . .