Agreement For Land Registration

Section 14. Only a person who demonstrates the cadastre as the owner or who can prove that the property was transferred to him after the death of the owner has registered the ownership of land. § 10a. Where an appeal is lodged following the refusal to register a document on expiry of the period laid down in the first sentence of Article 10(1) or, where appropriate, in the first sentence, the appeal may not be made if this may result in a loss for someone who has had a document entered in the journal in good faith after the document for which registration has been refused: was recorded in the magazine. Documents transferring registered ownership of cadastral packets cannot be registered unless the cadastre indicates that the registration of this package can take place. If the document describes the transfer of ownership in the context of inheritance, succession management or enforcement of rights, or if it concerns co-ownership or inheritance interest for a period of ten years or less, it is sufficient for the parcel to be registered in the cadastre. Documents modifying the boundaries of cadastral parcels may be registered only when the modification has been registered in the cadastre, unless otherwise provided by the court. The provisions of the first paragraph shall not apply if the law is re-locked before the expiry of the period indicated. From that date and any subsequent re-registration, from the last registration, a new period of the same length as the first will apply. In order for a document to transfer registered property to land, it must justify an unconditional transfer of ownership or, if the transfer is subject to conditions, that compliance with a condition is proved by duly registered evidence is well known. § 32b.

When a right to Svalbard lapses, the Commissioner of Mines requests that the application for registration be cancelled. If a mortgage is entered on the claim, the Commissioner of Mines must send written notice to the mortgage holder at least four weeks before the application for cancellation. The notification shall indicate that an application for cancellation of the claim is made with existing rights of pledge, unless it is documented within two weeks that the claim has not been extinguished. Section 34. Documents not mentioned in section 12 may be entered in the register of movable hypothecary property, but only if registration is effective by law or registration is legally required. A new registration can take place, but is not necessary if the object changes ownership. § 38 ter. A cadastral parcel purchased for road or rail purposes and belonging to the State, the county authority or the municipality may be registered as the owner of the authority concerned if the authority concerned declares ownership.

This applies mutatis mutandis when such land is purchased by transfer of land. Section 8. A document may be refused if it is confused or ambiguous, so that there are doubts as to how it should be registered in the cadastre. Section 30. In the case of a right of pledge of performance, the effect of the registration expires five years after the registration of the proceedings. For the distribution of an estate by execution, the same applies when debts are mortgaged. . . .