Secundum Agreement

Methods and results: 23 patients (aged 2 to 58 years) with ASD2 were analyzed by transthoracal echocardiography (n -9) or transesophagus (n-14) for the collection of a 3D data set before undergoing surgical repair. Quality (location, shape and structure) and quantitative (larger and smaller anteroposters and superinferiors) were analyzed and compared with surgical results. Intraobserver and interobserver variability were assessed. The coarse anatomy of ASD2, shown by 3D images, was confirmed by the surgeon in 21 of the 23 patients, but the presence of membrane or fenestrated remains of the defective Valvula foramina ovalis was not optimally visualized in 7 patients. Three-dimensional echocardiography showed changes in the diameter and shape of ASD2 during the cardiac cycle. The largest and smallest anteroposter diameters measured and their intraobserver and interobserver tuning were 274 degrees./-12 mm, r-0. 95 (conclusions P: ASD2 has a complex morphology. Three-dimensional echocardiography provides better qualitative and quantitative information on dynamic geometry, position and extension to standard 2D echocardiography and could be useful for device selection during asd2 catheter-based closure. The agreement in the case of the bar is appropriate for the “blue pencil” or partial validity check. The agreement provides that the complainant ceases four separate activities within two years of the termination of employment, namely: (1) he will not engage, on his own behalf, in the same competition or similar activity; (2) he will not operate in the same or similar or competitive sector for or for a former employee of the employer; (3) it will not divert or attempt to do business with the employer; and (4) it will not divert a business from the employer or attempt to influence it by influencing or attempting to influence one of the clients with whom it may have dealt. Restrictions 1 and (2) of the worker`s complainant have no restrictions on space.

These restrictions, if applied, would apply to regions of the world where the employer`s appeal has no activity and may never intend to intervene in such a location.