Irrigation Easement Agreement

3. The facilitation document prohibits the placement of structures or the planting of vegetation other than grass within the pit without the written permission of water users. New rainwater produced from a subdivision must not be discharged into an irrigation facility unless the compartment receives written approval from the agricultural water facility prior to final approval. 1. Facilities should be provided in areas where topography and width are sufficient to allow physical placement and unimpeded maintenance of open ditches or underground pipes for irrigation of water on people and land that are legitimately entitled to water under appropriate water legislation or an authorization from an irrigation area or other public or private facility created to ensure the use of the Subdivision Parties Water Act. and B. Facilities by the subdivision for the benefit of downstream water users. Facilities must be supplemented by matches and boundaries on the surface of the front and final plates for all drainage routes, irrigation canals and ditches, as well as underground pipes on the land to be divided, necessary to transport water by subdivision to surfaces adjacent to subdivision boundaries and in quantities, and in a manner consistent with historical and legal rights, to adjacent or adjacent lands by subdivision boundaries. In addition, a relief document must be recorded with the final plate.

The facilities made available must comply with the following standards: C. Additional provisions. It is not advisable to redirect or move active ditches or irrigation lines when these facilities are located outside the public right of priority. When it is proposed to redirect or relocate an irrigation facility, the proponent must obtain written permission from the competent irrigation area and/or the water user, and the specialized subdation engineer certifying that the water entering and exiting the irrigation facility redirected or moved has the same quality and quantity as it entered or exited before the installation.