Ca Agreement Credit Adjustment Spectrum

After my bill jumped about $20 in monthly fees, I called it and signed up for a new promotion rate that was set for a year. On the next bill, they raised it above $10. Despite the fact that they said it was a fixed sentence, it was actually a promotional credit for the regular phrase they raised a week after the signing contract for the new promo. Most of the money — the largest the prosecutor has ever received in such a complaint — is returned to customers within 60 days by automatic credits on their monthly cable/Internet bills by Spectrum, the parent company of Time Warner Cable after a merger in May 2016. I`ve had spectrum for six months. I am charged for and internet speed up to 200 Mbps and most nights I only get 10-20 Mbps. The techs have already come into the house several times and they all say it`s over and they`re working on it. I once got a $10 loan on my bill. They seemed to have a monopoly on where I live, because I can`t find another provider to provide me with my address. Nonsense Eligible customers receive about $16.9 million in credit refunds or free service, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney`s Office.

The agreement affects more than 170,000 California consumers who did not receive the internet speeds they paid for. Affected customers automatically see within 60 days a credit of $90 or $180 on their Spectrum bill, DA`s office said. Customers who have received obsolete modems from Time Warner receive the $90 credit, while those who have received outdated modems and paid for higher speed receive a credit of $180. I have spectrum and my calculation is almost 300.00 a month, it`s ridiculous. Please add me Add me, if it increases prices and moves from charter to spectrum, I was told that I would be grandfather and that my prices would not increase. There was no large quantity. I received a letter from the spectrum, which stated that as a preferred customer I qualified to get 600 mbs for $124.99, So I received these letters, so I finally decided to name them, they said sorry, if we try to put this agreement for you, it will not leave us, so I did say that we will fix it one way or another because you offered me a service that I did not offer. Enter and ask and now that I stretch it and you take your offer, tell me that you can not do it, so finally after an hour on the phone they come back and said well, we can not do , 124.99, but we can make 139.99, but you also have to pay 99 cuz we have to come, give you a new box.

I left comments on Facebook I sent some messages to some of their senior directors, and so far only one person walked around and said, they`ll review it, hopefully, Elon Musk will put into service this Internet service and it seems like it is and it will get a lower cost to this Internet service than any company cuz I know, once it has put into service, that`s where I`m going, I`d rather give it my money than this company and hope that everyone goes and we can hurt those companies that I`ve gone to the frequency of more than two years. The air has improved a lot. I went with the internet limit. 50 $US $par months for two years without a contract. 100mbs. I don`t need high gaming, but my grandson and my youngest daughter still live with me and they never have a problem. Recently bought a new TV with all kinds of apps on it and as I automatically paid an Amazon account, I can see almost anything I want, including hbo and Showtime and so many others.