Volunteer Agreement Qld

A volunteer public servant cannot be prosecuted for failing to comply with his “officer obligations” under the WHS Act. This immunity from prosecution is intended to ensure that voluntary participation at the officer level is not discouraged. However, a volunteer public servant, as a worker, may be prosecuted if he or she does not perform his or her duties as a worker. Please note that volunteers (unpaid) are not considered “workers” for workers` compensation, as provided for by the Workers` Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003. For more information on workers for compensation, please visit the page that should be: We are providing queensland Volunteer Funds to provide volunteer service, training, training and sectoral volunteer management support for community organizations and volunteers. They are also funded to register volunteers in case of emergency and to report on these disaster recordings involving the activation of the Queensland Disaster Coordination Centre. When an activity is carried out for a non-profit association that is not a voluntary association, the volunteer is not considered fit for work. She is therefore not considered a worker under the WHS Act. Any payment beyond direct expenses would mean that the person was not a volunteer under the WHS Act. An example of a voluntary association is a youth sports club where the offices are volunteers and the association`s fundraisers and other activities are carried out by volunteers such as parents. The organization can be registered or without its own portfolios. Under the WHS Act, volunteer workers are employed when they work in any function for a PCBU.

However, they may be compensated for any expenses they will take directly during volunteer work. Expenses are not included in the pocket of lost wages or wages in the voluntary labour. Below is information on when non-profit organizations and volunteers have assignments under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2011 (LOI WHS). For more information on volunteering, see Volunteering Queensland. If the association or one of the organization`s volunteers employs someone who works for the association, the WHS law applies to the organization.