Japan Australia Free Trade Agreement Certificate Of Origin

To obtain a certificate of origin, exporters must first be registered with the relevant issuing body. Check-in is usually free and easy. If you need help filling out the forms, call us at 1300 622 883 or email exportdocs.cbd@businessaustralia.com. Our team is there to help them. (1) Have you confirmed with the exporter that the products for which you are seeking preferential tariff treatment originate? (2) (If possible) Have you considered seeking and obtaining a preliminary decision from Customs on the original character of the goods? (3) Have you consulted the customs office on the original status of the goods? Please note that the conditions for obtaining the original character of a product may vary depending on the preferential rules of origin applicable under the GSP/EPO. (4) Do you have a good understanding or knowledge of the production and/or materials of the property you import? (z.B. where/in which country, by whom and/or by what materials is the property produced?) (5) Have you established procedures and received the necessary documentation to respond to requests for duties during or after customs clearance that require preferential tariff treatment? Importers must keep and present supporting documents when necessary to demonstrate the original character of the products. Once you are a registered exporter, you have the right to obtain a CO for every shipment of goods you send to Japan. A CO is a condition for trade under JAEPA. We have the right to issue COs as part of JAEPA. The CO certifies that your goods are compliant with the FTA, allows them to qualify for preferential rates and may be required for your goods in order to clear Japanese customs.

Your foreign buyer/destination may also want a CO before he pays you. Please submit your JAEPA model to the Victorian House by mail, in person or through our online services. If you would like it to be returned by mail, please attach an envelope stamped and addressed by yourself. Note: Your CO model must be entered and the exporter`s statement must be signed by a designated signatory so that we can issue your certificate. In principle, a certificate of origin and other certificates of origin must be complete and accurate. However, even if the document contains incomplete items or omissions, Customs may consider them to be minor errors and accept the document as valid, provided that the original status of the goods is confirmed and there is no doubt as to the authenticity of the document. [GSP] To apply for preferential tariff treatment under the GSP, importers must present a valid certificate of origin issued by the customs authority or other competent authorities in the recipient country. The preferential tariff treatment depends on the origin of the products. As JAEPA is a bilateral trade agreement, only products considered Australian or Japanese can benefit from JAEPA`s benefits. A ORIGINAL JAEPA certification document can be completed by an importer, exporter or manufacturer.