Ghostwriter Agreement Template

Eric I is also a ghost writer, and I completely agree with you. You can have your contracts as specific as necessary to protect yourself and the customer, and some will still waste time, delay and disappear when they do not communicate. So you have to be more specific in your contract, the expectations of yourself and the customer, and write down the consequences if that`s not the goal. Most people ignore the fact that a vital artery for us writers is time, creativity and bread on the way to eating. If your time is very appreciated, this can be a great project for both. David, I loved this article!!! The default in our phantom writing contract model indicates that it is the customer`s responsibility to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the content while it is being produced so that we build a chapter-by-chapter contact in our process. The standard in our contract model also offers a standard price for personal meetings if the customer wishes to use this option after signing the contract. As ghost writers are strictly used behind the scenes, there should be a clause in your contract that deals with confidentiality. This can also be called a “non-disclosure” clause, in which the ghost writer agrees to keep your business relationship secret. That way, you`re the only one who knows you`ve hired a ghost writer. Some ghost writers demand planned payments, others prefer milestones.

As important as fees are, I have found that pricing is the most obvious element that customers are looking for in a ghost writer contract. In fact, we often ask together for the ghost writer contract and the fees. “Never ask a professional ghost writer to work only for a percentage of the back-end (copyright). It`s not something a serious writer would do. But a student who wants to gain experience could jump on such an offer.┬áIt is not only the length of the manuscript that is important to clients; the time it takes to conclude is also often a problem. That`s understandable. You want to have indicated a timeline so that the ghost writer you rent doesn`t pull your feet too long. They can`t wait to see their book in print. This short video summarizes the priorities that should be included in each ghost writer contract. If it`s ghostwriting, you may not want you to know that you`ve had help. Some of our customers are very special in this. Others do not object to their collaboration with a ghost writer being known.

If this is important to you, make sure it is included in any agreement you sign. You may want the contract to contain details about the type of contact you will have with the ghost author. In rare cases, a client will request personal meetings with the author, although this obviously entails higher costs. Some clients want frequent contact with the author. others want to let the Writer run with the theme.