Ball State Housing Agreement

If you have not indicated on your application that you wish to reside in a dormitory, you can contact our office and request accommodation on campus. After talking to your roommate, you enter into a signed roommate contract that must be given to your resident assistant (RA). Housing and Residence Life and Ball State Dining are stand-alone units and are expected to generate all revenues for operating and capital expenditures. They do not receive taxpayer support. As indicated in the Housing and Residence Mission Statement and the Dining Value Statement, both areas strive to work as cheaply as possible and work very hard to keep rates to a minimum, so that rooms and meals remain accessible to all students. Weapons are not allowed in residences. These include firearms, ammunition, explosives, tear gas, large knives, pellet guns, catapults, dart guns and devices floating in the air. Recreational weapons such as, but not limited to slingshots, electric tasers, pellet guns, taser guns, air softguns, etc., are not permitted in residences. Objects used in martial arts, such as nunchakus and bolas, and those used in hunting, such as arrows and arrows, are not allowed in residences.

Students who use an object in the form of a weapon to injure someone are subject to the discipline of this directive. The employees of the residence may search a room if there is reason to believe that there is a weapon in the room. A violation of this directive may lead to the termination of the housing contract. Please complete all stages of the online housing application, pay the $125 deposit and file the contract online until June 3. The directive stipulates that all students are required to live in university residences (hlm), unless you are one of the following exceptions: quarantine housing is made available to students who have had close contact with a person who has had symptoms or positive tests on COVID-19, and have the recommendation of the medical director of the health center. Use our online housing application to file and conclude your contract for residences or university residences. New students who have confirmed their offer of admission will receive information via email and email (to your Ball State Outlook account) on how to apply for a place in our residency system.