Arkansas Prenuptial Agreement Form

A marriage agreement becomes mandatory once a couple is married, as long as it has been executed effectively. For a marriage agreement to be valid in Arkansas, spouses must: [A] agreement between potential spouses who are entered into in contemplation of marriage and who are effective in marriage. Not only do marital agreements require people to take into account the financial consequences of marriage, but they also reduce conflict in the event of divorce. Anyone who has divorced would tell you that the less conflict there is when the marriage is dissolved, the less financial burden there will be for both parties. In addition, it is highly recommended that each spouse have their own lawyer. Once the marriage agreement is reached, you give at least one (1) week before signing for each party to reflect on its decision. Spouses and their lawyers should also sign the marriage agreement in accordance with the state`s signature requirements. Persons considering a marriage should be assisted by a qualified lawyer to ensure that they are fair to both parties and that they are drafted in such a way that the courts apply it. If you have questions about marital arrangements, talk to an experienced Arkansas family law lawyer who can advise you on your specific circumstances. These are just some of the most common reasons for entering into a marriage contract.

Those considering the use of a prenup are wise to seek the advice of an experienced lawyer of the marriage agreement. This lawyer will help ensure that the document not only meets legal requirements, but also meets your needs. As mentioned above, marital agreements protect more than one party who enters into a marriage with a disproportionate fortune. In the absence of a conjugal agreement and in the absence of a valid will, the law will decide what property goes to the surviving spouse, regardless of the deceased spouse`s actual intentions. In addition, it makes equal sense for couples to understand their financial rights and obligations before entering into marriage.